Forms & Documentation

The 'Gesù Bambino' Nursery School Regulations

For us, respect for rules is of paramount importance.

Printing and signing by both parents after reading is mandatory.

Communication to Parents Regarding Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up

Form Required for Early Drop-Off or Late Pick-Up Request.

Child Entry-Exit Permission Form
Delegation Form

An authorization letter for the release of school responsibility is a crucial document when entrusting a minor to specifically identified delegated individuals. This document highlights the temporary transfer of parental authority for the specified period and clearly outlines the rules and responsibilities. It states that during this period of responsibility, the delegated individuals are accountable for the safety and well-being of the minor and must adhere to the school’s guidelines. This authorization might pertain to situations like school trips or special events. Ensuring the completeness and legal validity of this document is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the entrusted minor.

Absence Justification

It is mandatory for every period of absence from school.

This document provides a clear and concise explanation for the absence, which could be due to illness, family reasons, exceptional events, or other circumstances.

Submitting this justification serves to maintain an accurate record of students’ attendance and absences and informs the school about the reason for the absence so that any necessary measures or catch-ups can be adequately planned.

Timely submission of the justification, on the child’s return day to class, to be handed to the teacher or submitted to the administration, is important to ensure effective communication between the school and families.

Enrollment Form for the School Year 2023-24

If it’s the child’s first time enrolling in school, this ‘Enrollment Application’ form must be completed.

Confirmation of Enrollment for the School Year 2023-24

For the years following the first enrollment, a confirmation of enrollment is sufficient. Download the ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ form, fill it out, and bring it to the administration office. Thank you.