The Parents’ Photo Gallery


Pastries, what a passion!

Welcome to a delightful photo gallery! Immersed in the colors and sweet flavors of the creativity of the mothers from our preschool, this image collection captures the love and dedication each mother has poured into crafting handmade sweets for their little treasures.

Each photo tells a unique story, with vibrant-colored pastries and playful shapes reflecting attention to detail and a passion for home baking. From intricately decorated cakes to cookies resembling small pieces of art, every creation is a testament to the mothers’ devotion in making every moment of their children’s growth special.

Through these images, we invite you to visually savor the affection and care that have been mixed into each ingredient, turning simple sweets into edible works of art. We hope this gallery brings you joy and inspiration, celebrating the talent and love of the mothers within our school community.

Parents in Action!

Theatrical Performances

Theatrical Performances and Events Organized by Parents

In this virtual space, we’ve captured the magical moments where parents have become true protagonists, bringing the magic of Christmas and theater to life through engaging and fun performances, particularly focusing on the living nativity scene.

Each photo encapsulates the dedication, creativity, and love parents have poured into preparing and executing these performances, turning the stage into an enchanted setting. From handmade costumes to the expressions of joy and wonder on our little actors’ faces, each image tells a unique story of participation and collective effort.

As you browse through this online album, we hope you can sense the enthusiasm and warm Christmas atmosphere that enveloped our community, thanks to the talent and dedication of our parents. A virtual tribute to every parent who made this Christmas show possible, making the season even more special for our children and their families.