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We believe that parental involvement is the key to creating an extraordinary experience for our students. Becoming an active part of this adventure is a choice that adds a touch of magic to our children’s educational journey.

Imagine the smiles on your children’s faces when they see you proudly engaged in school activities, perhaps in leaf collecting, small maintenance tasks, or a spectacular theatrical performance. Every shared moment brings a unique experience in the corridors of learning.

But there’s more: your children learn from you. Be an Example! Your involvement is a way to impart valuable life lessons. You are their role models, demonstrating the importance of commitment and sharing.

Join us in embracing this extraordinary adventure, discovering your active spirit, and contributing to school initiatives. Together, we can create an extraordinary learning environment where our children grow up happy, inspired, and ready to face the world. It’s time to make a difference and leave a lasting imprint on our little ones’ growth.

We know how special the role of parents is in shaping the future of our little explorers, and the school’s role is to turn you, our readers, into teachers:

In our community, parents are the true heroes, teachers, and mentors. Imagine your children observing your gestures of affection, dedication, and active participation. Every small act of involvement is a precious lesson that your little ones learn directly from you. They will be inspired by your examples of dedication and love.

Join us in this extraordinary adventure. Let’s share the opportunity to inspire our children, not only through our affection but also through direct participation in school activities. Together, we can create an extraordinary learning environment where our little ones grow up with the precious gift of education and are admired for the wonderful example they receive from you.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi*


The phrase ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, an important Indian spiritual and political leader known for his role in India’s independence from British rule. This statement embodies a significant principle of Gandhi’s philosophy known as ‘satyagraha’ or ‘the force of truth’.

This phrase emphasizes the importance of individual and personal action in creating a better world. It urges people not just to desire change but to embody that change by acting consistently with the values and ideals they consider important. In other words, if one wishes to see the world become more peaceful, just, and compassionate, they must start adopting those qualities in their own life and behavior.

Gandhi’s quote reflects the idea that every individual has the power to positively influence the surrounding world through actions and behaviors aligned with their principles.

The example we mentioned earlier, especially for young children who learn from us.

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Here you’ll find a wide range of unique and delightful products, crafted with love and dedication by the mothers and volunteers of our preschool. Each handmade item is a result of creativity and passion, while the sweets and cakes are prepared with care and attention to offer you an explosion of flavors.


For each product, you can contribute with a voluntary offering. Our goal is to cover production costs while raising funds to sponsor various school activities. Therefore, choose your favorite items, assess their value to you, and donate as you wish. Every contribution, large or small, helps us build a better future for our children.

The funds collected will support special projects, educational activities, and initiatives that make our preschool a unique place for learning and growth. By participating in this market, you become part of our community and help us realize our dreams for the children.

Thank you for your support and generosity. Come and discover our products, joining us in making the future of our little ones even brighter. Every purchase is a step towards fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

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